Wordpress Web Development

Wordpress Web Development

Artistic web capability, ease of use and productivity are few features WordPress websites offer which is why it is called state-of-the-art. WordPress was published in PHP supported by MySQL database and it is known as advanced blogging system. Being open source software, WordPress is on the path of constant improvement due to its vibrant community of developers worldwide.

WordPress offers its users the ability to simply create their blog. Futhermore, its extensible website content management system makes it possible to create magazine-type websites. WordPress is for anyone who wants to create a blog or magazine website. It is also an excellent way to post your portfolio and has many add-ons  for e-commerce.

Why WordPress as a CMS?

  • WordPress can be used as a CMS and customized easily in many ways.
  • WordPress is very intuitive and this makes most probable reason to use it as CMS.
  • It can integrate your blog perfectly with CMS. Even website and blog together can be managed on single CMS.
  • WordPress CMS is very user-friendly and can be easily managed.
  • WordPress CMS gives great number of quality themes and templates which can be further customized to fit your CMS needs.

Ifuturz Inc. will help you implement Wordpress as CMS. To make your website more visible, Ifuturz Inc. can give you full control of the admin panel for management and control of content page, and adding fresh content as well as the ability to modify META data. We’ll do all the work of installation and configuration of WordPress. Additionally, statistics, photo galleries, visual editors, SEO friendly URLs and many more third party modules is easily integrated with WordPress.