Web Portal Design

Web Portal Design

Ifuturz Inc. provides one of the best portal solutions with a tremendous amount of collaborative and content features. It is most suited for the web, and communities which involves business processes and activities. We offer the following services and have experience in delivering those solutions to our clients for online community portal development:

  • Community web applications
  • B2B portal development services
  • Community portal applications
  • Offshore Portal design services
  • Intranet portal

We make sure to provide full features to our client’s web portals such as capabilities for new users to register and interact with each other. Furthermore, we also make sure that each users have access to mailing, search communities and users, personal galleries, blogs, and be able to share information with other registered users as well as organize events and much more.

Portal Development B2B B2C

Our Portal Development services include

  • B2B portals: Our developers are well experienced in business to business portals developments. Those are equally applicable for the small as well as large business organizations.
  • B2C portals: We are capable enough to facilitate not only B2B chains but also cater our services to the Business organizations to the final customer/end user chains.
  • E-commerce Portals: For anyone doing business online we provide e-commerce portal for transmitting funds, goods, services and/or data.
  • Shopping Cart Portals: We make your shopping cart portal such a way that it would become a pleasing, safe and easy going experience for your prosperous clienteles.
  • Business Intelligent portals: This enables users to produce intelligent reports for decision making.
  • JOB Site Web Portals: to facilitate both job seekers and job providers.
  • Online Travel portals: Making traveling decision easy and affordable.
  • Knowledge Portals: For e-learning and for small and big Universities.
  • Enterprise Portals: Provides unified access to all structured and unstructured information of the enterprise either on intranet or on internet.
  • Corporate Intranet/Internet Portals: It is an access to the information held by an enterprise and the core location to access with the associated applications