Web Based Widget

Web Based Development

Ifuturz Inc. is known as an expert in developing widgets, gadgets, toolbars and social media applications on a broad range of platforms. Here at Ifuturz, we offer services for dashboard widget development, desktop widget development, mobile widget development as well as other social network application development services such as strategy, development, deployment, distribution, promotion and ongoing managements. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and LinkedIn are just a few of the most famous social networking websites using Web widgets to create engaging connections with their target audiences.

Widget convert regular websites or desktops into unique and exciting applications. If visitors find your widgets useful, then they will most likely visit to your website again and again, and that means that the traffic to your website will greatly increase.

Web Widget and Social Networking Application Management

To improve the functionality of your web widget or social networking application, maintenance, managements, and support are all necessary. Furthermore, it is as necessary to ensure that internal communication channels at the social network and the external social media network support the viral marketing program. Web Widget and Social Network Application Development Services

If you need to build, promote and manage web widgets, desktop widgets on the web and social network applications Ifuturz Inc. is the place for you.