Share Point Deployment Planning Services

Share Point Deployment Planning Services

Our Share Point Deployment Planning Services utilizes established technical and business guidelines to make certain you are able to optimize the software you have previously acquired. The service is available on a daily basis based on the number or combination of qualifying office licenses, number of core client access license suites, and the enterprise CAL suites your firm has previously purchased.

The Share Point Deployment Planning Services professionals we employ are all highly trained and possess multiple years of practical experience having successfully completed hundreds of engagements. To schedule a project you are not required to invest any funds other than what you have already spent on the software itself.

As part of our program each undertaking is customized for a specific patron and concentrates on their particular structural or business requirements. The first step our Share Point Deployment Planning Services team does is to develop a game-plan for success based on the client’s needs which ensures long-term software cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The following are the type of engagements available and the structure of each step in the process. A Strategy Briefing defines the vision for achieving technical and business goals and is part of all engagements. An Architectural Design Session introduces SharePoint technologies, solutions and concepts and is added in a 3 Day engagement. A Deployment Planning Session covers a specific SharePoint capability in depth and is added in a 5 Day engagement. A Proof of Concept demonstrates the solution in the customer’s environment and is added in a 10 and 15 day engagement.

If you feel like our Share Point Deployment Planning Services workforce could be of assistance to your company please do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee we will deliver uncompromised skill and experience to your project and always complete each engagement on time while making certain each of our client’s expectations are fully realized.