ROR Development

ROR Development

During the previous few years web platforms, open-source software, and other technologies have taken a share of the vast web development market.

Ruby on Rails has been greatly publicized in this industry due to its simplicity and there has been a sizeable improvement in performance and scalability with firms that utilize it. ROR Development (Ruby On Rails) offers outsourcing web development and is based on open source web platform, LAMP.

Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework that is written using the Ruby programming language. Ruby is an object oriented programming language similar to the Python and Perl programming languages. Ruby on Rails provides a framework which enables applications to be developed in a quicker and easier fashion.

Our ROR Development (Ruby On Rails) team over the past years has acquired widespread practical expertise in Ruby On Rails application development, maintenance and support. We offer support services for Ruby On Rails for all of our customers that we developed solutions for, in addition to clients from the outside.

We also provide ROR Development (Ruby On Rails) consulting services for e-commerce websites, content management systems and provide custom web development, custom database solutions for outsource and offshore clients.

Our ROR Development (Ruby On Rails) staff has developed many web based applications ranging from business critical applications to social community portals. Some of the RoR applications developed by us are the following; Bespoke applications, E-commerce applications, content management system, SaaS based applications, and Web 2.0 applications.

The ROR Development (Ruby On Rails) service team we employ has successfully interfaced with a multitude of clients, ranging from very large well recognized multinational firms to small one-man shops. It is with great confidence we mention our highly flexible and affordable capabilities which can and will ensure a timely and effective implementation of any project you desire. Please feel free to contact us at any time.