Iphone Ebook Publishing

Iphone sales have exploded with millions of them now in circulation and there is no sign of this massive outburst slowing down anytime soon. If you are a published author or an inspiring writer Iphone Ebook Publishing is the next great way of distributing your material, having it read by your target audience and with any luck at the same time turning it into a highly lucrative undertaking.

The first step in the process to get into Iphone Ebook Publishing is to find a qualified iPhone developer to create your eBook application for you. Once this is done your eBook can be downloaded on both the iPhone and iPod. It usually takes several weeks for it to be included in the iTunes App Store and there are upfront cost paid to Apple.

Today the iPhone and iPod Touch have a combined 40 million users which is a gigantic market and if you have a popular product the sky is the limit when it comes to possible profits. Apple presently takes only 30% of the sale price, leaving you with 70% which is not so bad taking into consideration the massive market you are able to enter for virtually nothing.

There are also frequent rumors of a forthcoming super-iPod Touch. It has been tentatively been named the iPod MediaPad. It will be just about the size of the Kindle and have a larger screen with HD Video capabilities and a full touchscreen keyboard. This will be just right for reading eBooks in addition to everything else the iPod Touch already does which makes it an even better time to get into Iphone Ebook Publishing before the industry really takes off.

If you desire to get into Iphone Ebook Publishing we can meet all of your needs and then some. You will find the following exclusive features of our services highly beneficial and potentially tremendously rewarding.

  • The book will be very easy to download.
  • Our plan ensures that the book is very easy to read and use.
  • Simple transition from one page to the next.
  • Photographs appear in a high resolution.
  • Any page volume allowable.
  • Excellent end-user experience guarantees repeat customer.