.Net Migration

Firms presently utilizing Visual Basic 6.0 for application developments are confronted with the challenge of shifting away from that platform because of as of March, 2008 it will no longer be supported by Microsoft. One alternative that is accessible to those companies is to use automated technologies to help transform this application into Microsoft’s .Net Migration Framework, which is the suggested upgrade course.

Migrating from Visual Basic to .NET permits companies to manage the asset in the current application, while optimizing their investment in order to move to a fully-supported and updated developmental environment. Our .Net Migration service team can help you lower your project timeframe up to 4 times less than other possible solutions.

The .Net Migration knowledge we have gained has developed into an extremely well established project technique which allows for a particularly clear and organized migration process. This is realized by dividing the application upgrade into two key stages. The first step is to get an application into the new platform that has 100% functional uniformity with the initial Visual Basic 6.0 application. The second is to customize a step by step transition to take advantage of the new options which are accessible in the .NET Framework.

There are many tools that are obtainable today that can help with the Visual Basic to .NET migration progression. Microsoft ships the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard with all version of Visual Studio .NET, and companies like ours that specializes .Net Migration offer the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, a migration solution with a established record of successful migration projects in the past. Even with the help of these VB to .NET migration tools, it is still necessary to plan the migration project in order to ensure its success.

If your firm needs to move away from Visual Basic our .Net Migration service team possesses the expertise and experience to make the process seamlessly, painlessly and timely. If you would like to discuss the details of your project please contact us at your earliest convenience.