AIR Development

AIR Development

Here at Ifuturz Inc., we help clients who need robust applications for their business to beat out the competition. Desktop application development, application migration or application porting are just a few of our services that help our clients solve their problems.

Since desktop applications make our lives much simpler, desktop application development has become very important for us. Our software products are mostly used by our client’s customers. Designing, developing and deploying scalable, multi-user, client desktop applications that connect to a SQL Server or Microsoft Access MDB databases, written in Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, or Microsoft Access ADP (Access Data Project) are just some of our consulting services.

Desktop applications are developed by us using:

  • Visual Basic
  • .Net (Dot Net)
  • Visual C++
  • C#, C, C++,
  • Java
  • SQLServer
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL as database for a broad spectrum

.Net Services we offer :