Action Script Development

Action Script Development

As the demand for flash-based interactive and animated content are increasing, Ifuturz Inc. specializes in providing services for flash websites, presentation, banners and animations as well as applications. Our teams of highly experienced experts are constantly satisfying the demands for dynamic and e-commerce related flash and flex websites. We successfully complete challenging flash or flex projects including building small or large online stores, single or multi-player online games, e-commerce shops and applications. Quality output and at affordable price is our goal, as well as using proper work flow suited for the needs and requirements of the client.

Flash ActionScript and Flex Services

Web Based: Due to the Flash being the best fit for web content as well as applications and animation, we offer following services:

  • Flash Banner (Static/Dynamic)
  • Video Player
  • Image Gallery
  • Rich Internet Application
  • Music Player
  • Map Application
  • Components
  • Virtual Tour
  • Database Application

Animation Based:

  • Animated Website
  • 2D/Cell Animation
  • Vector/Character Animation
  • Presentation
  • Animated Banner
  • Splash Page
  • Logo Animation
  • Help/Guide in Flash

Desktop Based:

  • Presentation
  • Screen Saver
  • Widgets
  • Application